Wedding Table Runners – Finding The Right Runners For Your Table

With a wedding quickly approaching, there are numerous couples that will be interested in utilizing wedding table runners. These items might only be a small addition, but they’re capable of helping to enhance the appearance of your tables dramatically. Before selecting your table runners, there are several different things that need to be taken into account. What do you need to know? Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know, before making your choice.


Before you even consider purchasing one of these items, you should take the time to learn about runners. So, what are these items? Wedding table runners are very similar to tablecloths, but they’re somewhat different. Table runners only run down the center of the table, while cloths cover the entire table. There are numerous different types of runners to choose from and some of them are better for specific wedding themes than others. Therefore, it is essential to know precisely what type of wedding you desire, before trying to choose a table runner.

Buying And Renting

First, you should take the time to explore the possibility of buying and renting wedding table runners. Some will prefer to buy, while others will rent. Both options are wonderful choices and will provide you with the runners. Therefore, it is vital to know the differences between both. Below, you will learn about the differentials.

• Renting – Renting is a wonderful choice and is actually much more affordable. Although this might limit your options, renting offers more convenience than buying. When taking this route, you will want to make sure to research carefully and inspect the item closely, before confirming your order.
• Buying – Buying your table runners is also very reasonable and will get you exactly what you need. Although it is a little more costly, it will ensure that you get everything you need and all of your items will be brand new. This can offer more peace of mind and result in less worrying. Finally, the biggest benefit of buying is the fact that you’ll have more options and will be able to get precisely what you desire.

Each of these options is great, but you will want to work carefully and make sure that you choose the right one for your particular circumstances. Be sure to consider your wedding formality, theme and budget.

Considering Colors

Before purchasing one of these items, you will want to make sure to examine all of the options that are available to you! With this noted, you will want to consider the colors that are offered. Depending on your option and how you shop, you will be able to find an assortment of different colors. Truthfully, it is entirely fine to choose any color that you want, but it is usually best to create harmony.

With this in mind, you will want to consider creating a color scheme. After this, you will want to choose corresponding items that match that color scheme. This will ensure that your venue feels wonderful and relaxing!

Various Materials

Also, you should take the time to consider exploring the various materials, when trying to purchase table runners. There is an assortment of different materials and some of them are more expensive than others. In order to make the right choice for your specific wedding and budget, you will want to make sure to learn more about these materials. This will ensure that you get precisely what you desire, without overspending!

Personalized Table Runners

When attempting to choose your runners, you will have a variety of different options to choose from. It is possible to select various materials and colors. Of course, you might want to consider personalizing your own runner. This will give you the ability to pick and choose each parameter of the runner. This can help to ensure that you get precisely what you want.

Of course, a few other options will also be available to you. For instance, you’ll be able to have the names of the bride and groom added to the material. This can be a great option, if you want to completely customize your table runner. Although this might be a little more expensive, it will undoubtedly impress your guests to no end.

Rosetta Table Runner

The Rosetta table runner will definitely be a great addition to any reception table. You will find this design very desirable, since the roses have a 3D appearance. The blush satin material will look stunning and when the candles are lit the flame will glimmer off of the fabric.

The Rosetta table runner is available innumerable colors, so you will find a suitable tint that will fit into your color scheme.

Sequin Fabric

Most couples would not consider sequin fabric suitable for a wedding, but it truly is and that is why you should envelop it into your table runners. Sequin is very popular, because it has a glitzy, glimmer and the candle flames will flicker off the sequin.

The sequins are sewn onto a mesh nylon base, which is very suitable and will offer longevity. At the commencement of your event, you can utilize these for birthday and anniversary parties.

Using With Centerpieces

If you want to draw more attention to your centerpiece, you will want to use a table runner. With the use of a table runner, it is possible to attract the attention of your guests. In order to do this, you should consider using a smaller table runner. The material should stay in the center of the table and have the exact amount of table left on both sides. This will give you the ability to draw attention to the centerpiece and capture the imagination of your guests.

Lace Table Runner

If you want to turn those ordinary tables into a beautiful display, you should consider the beautiful lace table runner. Lace is a very desirable fabric for a wedding. You can also find this table runner in a variety of colors and styles, so be sure to take advantage of this elegant fabric.

Embroidered Table Runner

Most table runners measure in at 120” L x 16” W, so if you are searching for a runner that will fit a reception table, you may have to go the DIY route. The couple’s monogram will definitely draw attention to the table runner, but you must know that these runners can be a bit more expensive than other designs, since the embroidery must be completed by a professional.

If you choose the embroidered table runner, be sure to include the monogram on both ends of the runner, so that everyone will be able to see the beautiful design. If you are on a strict wedding budget, you can purchase this table runner for the couple’s table only. You can purchase this same runner without the monogram for their guests’ tables.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is becoming a very popular color among young couples that are getting married. This gorgeous color will look stunning on your reception tables. You can find the rose gold table runner in satin or adorned with sequin. A metallic overlay will also work beautifully for this design, so be sure to do a bit of shopping, before you actually make your final selection.

Burlap Fabric

If you are on a strict financial budget, you should take advantage of burlap. This material is very affordable and can be purchased, as a large bulk order. If you are having a country or vintage themed wedding, you definitely should consider incorporating the fabric into your décor.

Instead of purchasing individual burlap table runners, you can just snip off a large piece of the burlap and place it on the table. Tie each end with burlap string and you will be ready to celebrate your special day.


Overall, there are numerous reasons to use wedding table runners at your wedding. These items are capable of enhancing your wedding’s beauty and appearance dramatically. Making the purchase isn’t easy though! In order to make the right choice for your specific situation, you’ll need to take the time to analyze the information above. Once you’ve done this, you shouldn’t have a problem making the right choice!