Fall Wedding Favors: Selecting Favors That Suit The Season

Fall is one of the most beautiful and colorful times of the year! When planning a wedding during this time of the year, you will want to make sure to use fall wedding favors to thank your guests for attending. If you’re interested in ensuring that your favors completely match this time of the year, you will want to consider using specific colors and nature related items. Within this guide, you will be able to find some potential favor ideas that will work perfectly for your upcoming fall wedding!

Understanding The Season

Fall is a beautiful time, when the leaves begin to change colors. This is also the season of the harvest. When visiting your local store, you will likely be able to find beautiful crops, such as corn and pumpkins! Don’t be surprised, if you see the farmers bagging up their squash. At the same time, you will likely begin to smell the wonderful aromas of fall. Vanilla, pumpkin and spice scents will likely begin to fill your nostrils! Once you’ve got a good understanding of the season, you will be able to incorporate these things into your favors!

Although you do not have to do this, you can ensure that your favors are a little more effective, by relying on the signs of the season! Using pumpkins, vanilla scents and corn can be very helpful.

A Personalized Box of Matches

During the fall, a lot of people like to head outdoors and light a fire! Everyone loves sitting around the fire, chatting and devouring S’mores. With this in mind, you will want to consider providing your guests with something that will move them in the right direction. Consider purchasing some matches! With a nice little box of matches, you will be able to rest assured that your favors will be used entirely and not thrown in the trash. Whether they’re lighting a candle or starting a grill, the matches will be very helpful and your guests will eventually be grateful for your creativity.

Remember that it is entirely acceptable to customize the box itself! This is where you will be able to cater to your fall wedding. With this option, you can add fall symbols and colors to the favor. Make sure that you also add the wedding date and the name of the couple to the box’s face! This will ensure that the favor is much more original and a tad more personal. Ultimately, your guests will love it!

Confetti Gourmet Popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn and you should consider incorporating it into your wedding favors. You can purchase a large box of confetti popcorn and do the popping yourself or you can purchase it premade. You will need a medium sized plastic bag, orange ¼” ribbon, and a beautiful personalized sticker, which you can create yourself, by using your computer and printer.
Once you have your supplies collected, you will simply go ahead and prepare the popcorn. Fill the bags full and seal it with the ribbon. Just place the sticker onto the front of the bags, so that your guests will think of you, while they are eating their delicious treat. You can place these into large platters and sit them on the buffet tables, so that everyone can help themselves to your confetti gourmet popcorn favor.

Wooden Candleholders

If you want to give your guests something beautiful, memorable and functional, you’ll want to consider giving them some wooden candleholders. This might take a little bit of effort on your end, but the candleholders will be very effective and will be cherished by your guests. On top of that, you can guarantee that your guests will use these items! Most households have and use candles regularly. These candleholders are so adorable that they will not be able to ignore them!
Although you can purchase these, you will want to consider making your own too! If you live near a wooded area, you will likely be able to find everything you need right outside of your home. Truthfully, you will only need some small logs. Once you’ve gotten your hands on these, you’ll need to grab your drill and a suitable bit. You’re going to want to make sure to drill a small hole into the center of the log! Be very careful, because you don’t want to split the wood. Once you’ve finished the candle should fit inside perfectly.

Mini Cranberry Gift Bag

Nothing says fall better than cranberries and your guests will love them. You will need to purchase mini paper gift bags for this project, which you can order them from an online gift store or purchase them from your local party shop. You may want to purchase cherries, as well, because some guests may not like cranberries. Better to be safe than sorry, in this case.
Just fill the mini bags with cranberries and sit them on the reception tables or you can utilize an entirely separate table for your wedding favors. If you choose to go this route, be sure to decorate the table accordingly, because you will want it to fit into your wedding theme, as well.

Burlap Bags

Throughout the years, burlap has been used for an assortment of different purposes. With this in mind, you should think about purchasing and using burlap bags as your favors. It is entirely possible to customize these items and place specific words on the front. This can be a very cool way to ensure that your guests will never be able to forget about your special day! Of course, the bags will be very handy on their own, but they don’t have to be used solo.
With these bags, you will be able to create an assortment of different favors. All you’ll need to do is find something awesome to place inside. If your guests love coffee, you can easily place some coffee beans inside of the bag. On the other hand, you can turn this into a little candy bag! Either way, you have options and should ensure that the items inside the bag cater to the likes of your guests.

Mini Maple Syrup Bottles

Nothing says fall better than a bottle of maple syrup. If you plan on having a fall wedding, then you should consider handing out mini bottles of maple syrup. You could hand these items out in a farewell bag, as well. Don’t forget to include a special message on the bag, because you will want it to impress. Your guests will enjoy this favor with their morning flapjacks.

Apple Butter

Apple butter is a great favor for a fall wedding. The best thing about apple butter is that you can buy it premade or make it yourself. Just ask for the help of your bridesmaids and go to town. Apple butter not only tastes great, but it also fits the theme of a fall wedding. You can pack this tasty spread into mini jars. You can even cover the jars in tulle or veil fabric to give them a special touch. Do not forget to match the fabric with your wedding theme for a more uniformed look.

Mini Mason Jars

Mini mason jars are cheap and they make a great wedding favor for any fall wedding. There are tons of different ways that you can personalize them. For instance, you can include a special sticker message on them or you can have them engraved with the guests’ name that you are giving them to.

Bronze Metal Leaf Bookmarks

Nothing says fall better than a leaf. After all the leaves are changing colors and they are beautiful. Give your guests a bronze metal leaf bookmark. Every time they close their book at night, they are going to be reminded of your special day. This is a favor that your guests are going to use time and time again.

Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener

Everyone needs a bottle opener. So why not give your guests a truly beautiful Eiffel Tower bottle opener? This is something that they are going to use forever. When they pop open their favorite drink, they are going to remember your special day.


Fall is absolutely beautiful and fall wedding favors can help to symbolize this fact! By relying on the information above and looking at the personality and likes of your guests, you will able to choose some outstanding favors that will satisfy all of your guests! If you’re able to do that, your wedding will be tremendously better for everyone involved.