Comprehensive Guide to Wedding Chair Covers for Sale


When attempting to pull off an astounding and unique wedding, it is imperative to make sure that your wedding is decorated with extreme beauty. The walkway, altar, tables and chairs all need to be decorated. Chairs need to be adorned beautifully with the appropriate chair covers. There are many different types of covers to choose from and it is imperative to make sure that you find the right wedding chair covers for sale. In this highly informative guide, you’ll learn how to find and purchase these chair covers.

What are they?

Chair covers are not some big mythological item that is complex or difficult to understand. Instead, they’re nothing more than a piece of fabric, which can be used to decorate chairs. Of course, the importance and elegance of these covers should not be underestimated. With the right covers, it is possible to intensify the beauty of your chairs. The differentials are absolutely enormous. They’re available in a massive assortment of different styles and color. At the same time, various fabrics are used to make these items. With these factors, it is essential to know about each, before you begin looking for the wedding chair covers for sale!

The Basics of Buying

Suffice to say, there are a handful of different things that should be noted, before you attempt to make your purchase. Regardless of your wedding theme, color scheme, venue, or anything else, you’re going to need to know how many covers you need! Although it is possible to make an estimate off of the top of your head, it is best to get a somewhat precise number. This method will help you determine the specific number of chairs you need, which will also relate to your covers.

To begin collect numbers, you will want to send out invitations. Although the invitations are mostly meant to help the guests learn about your wedding and its venue and date, you can solve another problem in this manner. In the envelope, you should also send out RSVP cards. This requests a response from your guests. Once you begin receiving these cards, you’ll know exactly who is coming and who likely is not. Count the attendees and you’ll have a number to work with.

Know Your Chairs

Before you can actually begin exploring the various wedding chair covers for sale, it is vital to confirm the specific types of chairs that you’re going to be utilizing. Fortunately, you’ll have a wide array of different chairs to choose from, which can make the decision a little difficult. First and foremost, it is best to explore the individual types, so you get an understanding of their appearance. Below, you will find a quick breakdown of some of the most common wedding chairs.

• Banquet Chairs – These chairs are commonly used in banquet halls and hotels. If you sign up for a venue package, these are the chairs that will likely be used. There isn’t much good to say about them, aside from their cheap cost. Otherwise, they should definitely be decorated with chair covers, because they’re not very stylish.
• Wooden Padded Folding Chairs – These chairs are much smaller and much more attractive. They’re available in an array of different colors and each should feature a classy finish. Although they can be used with chair covers, this isn’t necessary. At the same time, they will work perfectly for chair covers that leave a portion of the chair exposed.
• Versailles Chairs – These chairs are sometimes referred to as opera chairs. They’re very stylish and will work well whether or not you’re going to be using chair covers. Be sure to find the right color for your wedding!
• Chiavari Chairs – These chairs might look similar to Versailles chairs, but the Chiavari feature a straight back. They’re available in various colors and each features a very comfortable cushion. Depending where you purchase the chairs, these will have a different name, so make sure to look closely! Either way, these are easy to spot and they’re very elegant.
• Chameleon Chairs – These chairs are very expensive, whether you’re renting or buying and they’re best for modern weddings. However, they’re very stylish and unique. The cushion is also very comfortable and will keep your guests relaxed throughout the ceremony.
• Ghost Chairs – These chairs get their name due to their awkward shape. Still, they’ve very much sought after, when it comes to weddings. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, if you’re intent on adding ghost chairs to your wedding. They can cost as much as fifty dollars a piece for rentals!

With the different chairs above, you should be able to narrow down your options and choose the chairs that will match your wedding. Make sure to consider, whether or not the chairs need to be used with covers. For banquet chairs, it is almost always a necessity!

The Budget

Once you know exactly how many chairs and chair covers you need, it is time to begin looking at the various types of wedding chair covers for sale. It isn’t important to make a decision right away. Instead, you only want to get an idea of the varieties and the prices of each. Check out the specific types that peak your interest and take note of their pricing. By making a few simple calculations, you will have the ability to create a reliable budget for your wedding chair covers. This will give you a leg to stand on, while helping you stay true to your overall wedding budget.

Know Where to Look

It is crucial to remember that there are various places that you will be able to purchase these linens. In most cases, it will be possible to find retailers in your vicinity that sale these items. Make sure that you explore the stock for each of these stores. At the same time, you should consider checking out thrift stores. Sometimes, you might get lucky and get your hands on enough covers for your wedding. Finally, the Internet is an excellent place to shop for chair covers, but additional research is a requirement! Each of these methods has benefits and there is really no reason not to explore all three.

Local Wedding Boutique

You should most certainly explore the wedding chair covers for sale, within your local wedding boutique. Finding these stores shouldn’t be overly difficult. You can take to the Internet and perform a quick search or you can use your phonebook to discover the boutiques in your area. Either way, you will want to jot down their information and head into their facilities. By visiting the store in person, you will have the opportunity to search around, speak to professionals and look at their fabrics.

Purchasing your chair covers in this manner can have a number of different benefits. Obviously, you’ll be able to look at the fabrics in person. The staff will likely be willing to model the items for you, if they have a chair nearby. Speaking to the staff members can help you discover new ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because these individuals are there to help you. If you’re unable to find fabrics that suit your desires, you’ll want to ask them about special ordering. Most boutiques will be able to show you all of their special order items in a catalog.

Tips When Buying Online

When purchasing chair covers online, you may find a large selection, but you will never know if the cover is suitable for your needs. Just because the photo gallery shows a high quality, beautifully designed chair cover, does not make it true. There are many things that you should consider, before you actually make your purchase. You should call the company up and request color and fabric samples, so you will know exactly what type of products they sell. If the company is unwilling to commit to your request, then continue your search, because their products may not be as described.

It is a good idea to order early, so that your chair covers will arrive on time. There would be nothing more disappointing than to order a product and have it undelivered. Always ask the company, if the chair covers are in stock, because many online businesses refuse to display this information on their websites, since they are afraid of losing sales.

Read the former and current customer reviews, as well. While you may not think that these reviews are genuine, most of them are, with a few exceptions, but overall, you will benefit greatly from reading them.

Why Buy Online

The main reason why you should buy online is because you will have more options to choose from. You may also be able to receive a “free shipping” coupon, if you do a little haggling with the sales representative.

There are many stores that will sale their returned items at a discounted price, so be sure to ask about these, when you are speaking with the representative. Always look for closeouts, as well, because this can potentially save you a lot of money, but you may not find a large selection of closeout chair covers to select from. If you are willing to alter your mindset, when searching for online products, you will be able to find several inexpensive chair covers that can be incorporated into your wedding theme and color scheme.

Be sure to Explore Different Fabrics

While it is certainly true that you’ll find these covers in a variety of different colors and styles, fabric will also play an impactful role. Your selection of fabric will determine the feel, appearance and price of the chair covers. Each fabric has its own pros and cons, which should be explored, before narrowing down your choices. Below, you will discover a basic overview of some of your options.

• Silk – There is no denying that silk is a very elegant and luxurious material, which is used to make a variety of decorative items. The softness of this material is nearly unmatched. It is the most hypoallergenic material you will find! The appearance and durability of silk are also strong traits. The only major negatives of silk are the expensive cost and the special care required.
• Cashmere – This material is highly reputable and has inspired songs, which should speak to its quality. It is somewhat rare, which makes it a little expensive. Still, the material is very soft, beautiful and silky.
• Cotton – Cotton is one of the most common used materials for creating clothing, linen and chair covers. There is a high probability that you’ve worn and felt this material numerous times during your life. It works excellently, as cheaper chair covers. Although it is fairly durable, cotton has been known to stretch, with repeated use.
• Polyester – This material is created with the use of synthetics, which makes it fairly affordable. It can easily be dyed, which means it is available in a rainbow of colors. The material is one of the most durable and is capable of resisting stretching, mildew and shrinking. As far as negatives go, polyester is somewhat difficult to clean, isn’t environmentally friendly and produces a somewhat unpleasant shine.
• Satin – If you’re looking elegance and luxury, satin can fulfill your desires. It will drape over your chairs very nicely, but can be somewhat expensive. It is also vulnerable to water spots and shouldn’t be used around water.

Now that you understand a little about the various fabrics, you should be able to find one that works best for your wedding. Remember to explore all of the wedding chair covers for sale, before making a final decision!

Customized Chair Covers

If you are having difficulty finding a chair cover that is suitable for your reception chairs, because they are odd shaped and sized, you should consider customized chair covers. Many companies that sell wedding linen and napery tend to offer this option. If the company is local, a professional may come out and take measurements of the chairs, so that you do not have to be hindered with the task. If you order them online, you will have to tackle the task yourself, but make sure that you acquire accurate measurements. It may be a good idea to get someone else to measure them, as well, so you will be able to compare your results.

Customized chair covers will always be your best option, because they will fit the reception chairs perfectly, but be aware that you may not be able to reuse them again. If this is the case, you may be stuck with a large bundle of unusable chair covers, which would definitely be a burden. You may consider trying to sell them to the company that you are renting the chairs from, so they can use them for other weddings.

Make sure that you order these chair covers very early into the planning process, because you will want to give the seamstress enough time to do her job, so that you will have your luxurious chair covers, before your big day.

Consider Adding Accessories

Remember that chair covers do not have to be bare. Instead, it is possible to purchase accessories, which can be added to the arrangement. By adding the right accessories, you will be able to add more beauty, elegance and personality. Of course, additional accessories will increase your wedding expenses. With that begin said, it is vital to place an importance amount on your chairs and use that to set a budget for each chair, before adding these additional purchases. Below, you will find some of the accessories that should be considered.

• Sashes – Sashes are available in a variety of different colors and fabrics. They can be arranged and tied in different manners to create unique decorations.
• Ribbons – Whether tied in a bow or left hanging freely, ribbon works wonderfully. Ribbon is available in numerous colors and shines beautifully.
• Floral Arrangements – By using some artificial flowers and a sash or ribbon, it is possible to attach flowers to your chairs. This works perfectly for outdoor weddings.
• Hanging Flower Vases – With the right vases and a little twine, it is possible to hang flower vases on your chairs. Although this is similar to the accessory above, hanging flower vases can be used with live flowers and potted plants, which are even more attractive.

Although these accessories might up your budget a little, they’re capable of adding personality and a unique touch to the chair covers! Be sure to consider each option!

Make Sure They Match The Tables

Depending on the type of wedding you’re trying to put together, you will likely have already selected a theme and color scheme. This will give you a good foundation, which will make the remainder of your choices even easier. With that being said, it is vital for the appearance of your tables and tablecloths to match your chairs and chair covers. Choosing one or the other first is recommended! Sticking with similar colors is recommended and will ensure that the two match together and create harmony.

Consider Transparent Covers

If you’ve decided to purchase beautiful chairs, you shouldn’t attempt to disguise them! Instead, you should allow them to shine. If this is something that peaks your interest, you should try looking for transparent wedding chair covers for sale. These chair covers are very beautiful and create a romantic vibe, which will emit throughout the venue. Typically, these covers are only available in white, which makes them more suitable for classical wedding themes.

Ruched Banquet Chair Cover

If you are looking to spice up your chair, you definitely should consider the ruched banquet chair cover. These chair covers are available on today’s market in a limitless array of colors, so you will definitely find a suitable fit. The ruched appearance is tight with a ruffled display that will look sophisticated and beautiful on any banquet chair, but keep in mind this cover will fit other types of chairs, if they have the same size, style, and design, as the banquet chair.

The spandex material is sewn in a special way that gives the cover a ruched look, while covering the entire chair. The foot pockets will keep the cover secured on the chair, so that it is not slide back up the chair legs, which would definitely be a catastrophe.

These chair covers are available online or at your local bridal accessory shop. If you purchase them, as a bulk order, you will be able to save yourself some money.

Bride & Groom Chair Covers

Whether you are utilizing chair covers throughout your entire wedding, you will definitely need a bride and groom chair cover. There is an innumerable array of options to select from, but you will surely want to stick with the tradition, which is the black tie suit and wedding dress style. This will personalize the chairs for the bride and groom, so that everyone will know exactly, where the couple will be sitting. These decorated chairs will also make a great place for the groom to remove the bride’s leg garter, before he tosses it into the crowd of gentlemen.

You will most likely need to purchase these special chair covers, because you will want to keep them, as an heirloom, so that you can hand them down to your daughter or son. There are several different styles that you can choose from, but many couples choose the black ruffle and white tulle, which will hang loosely to the floor. The shorter style will only cover the back of the chair. Your decision may also be reliant on the chairs’ condition.


When attempting to choose the appropriate chairs and chair covers for your wedding, it is imperative to succeed! Your chairs are going to be highly noticeable by all of your guests and they’ll undoubtedly show up in all of your wedding pictures. Therefore, you should go above and beyond to beautify the chairs and make them unique. A little bit of effort can go a long way! Remember to consider different types and colors, until you find the covers that will put a smile on your face and create an elegant display to thrill all of your guests.